What is IV Sedation?

The fact is, regular dental checkups will prevent future dental problems. It ensures that your child experiences less anxiety and apprehension as time goes on. However, lots of children still struggle to contain their fears when it comes to visiting the dentist.

Sometimes, it could lead to missing appointments that can be detrimental to their oral health and overall wellbeing. We are aware of these factors, as there are children with a low tolerance for pain or perhaps, struggle with sensitive teeth.

There are also children with special needs who might need special care to scale through. In that case, we’re your best option here on Staten Island. We’ve been in the industry for years, and we have a Pediatric Anesthesiologist who is available for all sedation procedures.
What Is IV Sedation?
To help your child have a relaxing and incredible experience, IV sedation will be required, which refers to the administration of an anti-anxiety drug through the blood. Many often refer to this experience as twilight or sleep dentistry. But rather than put your child to sleep, your child suddenly becomes calm, relaxed, and happy.
Why Consider IV Sedation?
There are lots of WHYs, and the first is fear of the dentist. If your child has somewhat developed dentophobia, they will benefit immensely from IV sedation. If your child had, at some point, encountered a traumatic dental experience, that is the more reason to consider IV sedation as a healthy alternative.
For children with sensitive teeth, complex dental problems, and those with difficulty getting numb, IV sedation is the holy grail that will utterly change their attitude toward dental care. After your child’s first visit, you’d be surprised how they anticipate their next visit to the dentist. They might not know it yet, but you’re setting them up for a life free of dental hurdles.
Why Us?
You don’t have to visit your general dentist, as we specialize in children, special or not, which gives us an upper hand in giving your child the best dental experience. We have worked with numerous kids with diverse personalities and histories, and we designed our treatment plans to suit your child without any discomfort.

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We treat your child as we would to our own, and we believe that there’s a solution to every problem. After a quick free consultation with our expert pediatric dentist, you’re confident of what procedure is ideal for your child. Go ahead and give us a call, or perhaps fill the contact form.
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