Special Needs Dentistry

When it comes to special children, we go beyond and above to ensure they receive the best care available. Not only do they have a special place in our hearts, but we also designed a treatment that works with their unique condition.

Your child might be on medication or restricted to a certain diet that could be detrimental to their overall health. We understand your needs and concerns regarding your child, and we’re passionate to give them the best possible experience.
Special Children Require Special Treatment Plans
As a parent to a special child, you’re likely worried about the long-term health of your child’s teeth. It doesn’t have to stir worries, especially when you have a team of specialists at your disposal here in Staten Island.

We have years of experience and professional training, and we strive best in designing preventive care and treatment plan that suits your child overall wellbeing. Taking care of kids with special needs might seem like a daunting experience for many, but it is what we do, and your child will have fun.
Why Us?
Expert Training: Our specialists have completed two years of speciality training, versed with how best to care and provide for special children. Years of education have equipped us with the right expertise needed to care for your child’s dental needs in Staten Island.

Sedation And Hospital Dentistry:
If your child will benefit from extra care and support, sedation might be ideal. That means your child will be asleep throughout the session only to awake with your concerns gone.
Book An Appointment
If your child has erupted a tooth, that is enough reason to book an appointment with us. Rest assured that your child will receive the best care we have to offer, making them anticipate the next visit. Go ahead and give us a call, or perhaps fill the contact form.
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