What To Expect

On your first visit, our job is to ensure that your child has the best dental experience possible. Your child’s first impression of dental care could make a difference between developing odontophobia or falling in love with the dental processes.

After your child must have been comfortable, we will perform an oral checkup, or perhaps conduct an x-ray depending on your child’s age. Irrespective of the condition of your child’s oral health, we’ll be open to discuss your concerns and profound effective solutions.

It'd be best to stop using words that could trigger fear in your kids, such as ‘needle’, ‘drill’, ‘shot’, or ‘hurt’. We are versed in using words that convey the same message without having to trigger fear.
Potential Problems Your Child May Have
There are tons of potential dental issues your kids may likely encounter, and taking them to their first dentist could be the solution you’re looking for. Some of the common dental problems kids face include:
Gum Diseases

Thumb sucking

Baby tooth decay

Crooked teeth


Misaligned jaws, etc.
Why Take Your Kids To The Dentist?
When we notice signs of a potential malocclusion, we don’t hesitate to perform a treatment to fix it before it becomes worst.
Preparing for your first dental visit
Your child going to the dentist for the first time might induce anxiety and is normal since they are uncertain of their expectations. However, you can help your kids prepare for the visit by getting them mentally prepared.
You can practice giving their stuffed animal a check-up with a toy mirror, or perhaps playing dentist as they watch movies. If your child wants, you can come with the stuffed animal to the dentist's office if it helps put them at ease.
Ready For Your First Consultation?
Our mission is to give your kid(s) the best experience possible with our professional dentists and specialists. After each visit, we ensure that the treatment area is disinfected while using ultrasonically clean and heat sterilizes all non-disposable instruments to avoid contamination. Give us a call, or better yet, fill our contact form to begin.
Schedule Your Child's Next Dental Appointment
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